How do I join the team?

The best way to is head to our forums section of this website and go to the Naval Wars category and go to "Admin Application" There will also be a "Developer" section where you will be able to apply to be a developer. And from there you can branch out to also help out in some of our other areas of our community. Staff members are required to be on regularly and to assist players at least once every couple of days. It can be a fun and exhilarating experience to work in the backend of our fully dedicated server and you can learn a lot if you're just starting out in development.

What is Naval Wars?

Naval Wars is one of our newest projects in which we do something that has not been done in the history of Space Engineers!, It's a server based on if WW2 kept going. In this server, there is a special water mod to give the players access to real working buoyant water. People can make planes, helicopters, tanks Submarines, anything except space ships. It has mech suits and other custom skins as well as modded weapons both handheld and ship usable. The server helped to be developed by Klime and Vladdican. It has also got two safe ports for player use. As well as a radar mod!


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